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C.A. Nelson,

The funniest show I have ever seen, wonderfully scripted!

From: UK

Wolfgang Rauch,

What a great show! I'm so thankful to the people who have put their car 54 stuff on youtube. But one show is still missing. It's called "home sweet sing sing. I'm desperate to watch it! 

From: Feldkirch

Michael Storch,

Took one look at the heavyset eyes of B.J.Novak (in Saving Mr Banks) and went a-googling to find out who he reminded me of .... Fred Gwynne! But I have not found any link between the two :( 

From: Woodhaven NY

Philip H Sheedy,

I found Me-TV and watched the "Christmas at the 53rd (12/24/61) episode. I am 65 and and don't remember the shows that I did see but the show I still remember was "Toody & Muldoon Meet the Russians (27 Jan. 1963)."

I searched for the show and found this site which helped me find the Russians episode. I realized that until last night the last time I watched Car 54, Where are you? Was when it was on the air.  Now with my DVR I can record and view all of them.

From: Potsdam, New York

Gary Therolux,

I was a big fan of the show when I was a kid and still marvel at how well constructed the episodes are -- brilliantly written, acted and tightly edited without a wasted frame anywhere.  Two tragic things to note: 1) that despite strong ratings, "Car 54" was cancelled simply so an NBC executive's wife could get her favoite show, "The Virginian," expanded to 90 minutes (!?!) and 2) the horrible way-too-late feature film version starring almost none of the original cast (even though more were sill alive) which contained NONE of the original series' magic.  

From: Norwalk, CT


I LOVE THIS SHOW!!  I was a child in the 60's and rememeber this show vividly!  It was sooo funny then and it is funny today.  I LAUGH SO MUCH TIL IT HURTS!  WE NEED MORE SHOWS LIKE THIS TODAY!!  Thanks for bringing it back!

From: Hopkins, SC

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